Thursday, July 23

Just More Flowers

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I won’t send flowers
They’re too easy
And yet flowers
Are too difficult

So I won’t…
Except once or
Four times
Each year…

Pre processing in my Lancaster back yard this weekend through my 40D with its Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6) screwed on. Aperture priority of course with the thing opened full to squeeze the depth out of the field. And Post processing? Well I hunted for the personality of these girls in CS4 with AlienSkin’s SnapArt tuned to play the music.
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See… Back in late March I posted the first in this series of my manly attempt to picture girly flowers. Sigh… No matter how I try, they come out hard and muscular. Flowers are about nuance… but I’m not certain a man quite gets that… Which makes flowers for the guy artist simultaneously too easy… and too difficult. Well, there’s always Fall, eh?

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Andreas said...

Marvelous composition, perfect balance, down to frame and signature. AND YOU KNOW IT :)