Tuesday, July 7


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Sometimes it pours like syrup... it's stuff we can touch, and feel it run across our skin. And if we peer into it, eyes closed, it's a warmer than a baby's giggle.

"You know," she said with a peculiar smirk, "you're never more than four feet or seventy seven seconds from wonder."

"Huh," I looked up from my book at the woman in the seat across the aisle.

"Actually," she wasn't really looking at me... more through me, "wonders are so commonplace that they're frequently invisible to us. Artists though... artists they recognize every one of them. Or at least I think so."

"Huh?" I said again. Not terribly original but I wasn't really in a conversation with her so much as I seemed to be her very small audience.

"Yet you know, they're not all of the same moment, um, import," there was a childlike quality about her. "But even then it takes an artist to understand the differences. Most are just moving, passionate, instants. And then there are those few wonders which can move the artist to.... to..." Her eyes flittered. Hunting that word sent her head moving almost as if she were a little girl on a midsummer's night adventure tracking a dancing lightening bug.

"They can move the artist to what," I heard myself murmur willing the word to come to her... to have her reveal it to me...

"To... to... _rapture_."

The rest of the trip we both sat... silent.

Apple pulled its service today. Now http://homepage.mac.com/byrneprintmaker/ sits up but my door's closed. I can't remove it, change it, or alter it in any way. I guess if I stop paying for my mobile me subscription it will vanish in a puff. But since MobieMe is a cloud where I sync all of my machines, that's not likely.

So it will bob up there on the virtual seas. Odd huh?

I gotta find another place to store my images. Suggestions?


Andreas said...

I'd have said SmugMug, where I store mine, but recently they've had too many outages, at least for a paid service. Yesterday morning their whole site was unavailable for full 30 minutes because they forgot to install a new license on a load balancer! That's simply not acceptable.

I've heard good things about Zenfolio, a service very similar to SmugMug, but it's hard to tell.

Of course you can always use Flickr. At your rate of less than one image per day it's free, there are tons of tools and the biggest community on the planet. It's cheap and too big to fail.

On the other hand, you can also upload your blog images directly to Blogger, as many others do. Google is hardly going to fail either :)

Personally I search for a program to backup my blog and to disentangle the blog and SmugMug. I suppose if I don't find anything, I'm going to write it myself. I have no immediate need to leave SmugMug, but I'd really like to.

Other than that: great image. How big is that figurine and where did you find it?

Ángel Corrochano said...

Always aplio your photos. One is enjoyed to enjoy the processings.


Debra Trean said...

D - lightful as always such a pleasure to pop in and see what you have been up tooo...

Stephen Issell said...

Another fine piece of work Ted, Illustrates the point very well.

mcmurma said...

Maestro, Maestro, Maestro....