Thursday, February 12

Lunch Time

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Everywhere I look
I am framing.
You know?

And since everything has
multiple explanations
I try to frame questions.

And if they glow
like windows to
another place.

Then the result makes me
wonder. So that's
what I look to frame...
And finally capture.
You know?



J. L. T. said...

Love the colors and pre-process. Great frame;-) Have a nice weekend

Ted said...

Thanks J... Once upon a time I owned a Hasselblad system. As you know, that meant looking at life through a square frame. While I grew disenchanted with the camera, I became enchanted with the format. As you can see by scrolling back among my blog site postings... That old love for squares burbles up a lot in my work. In a way, it is the most perfect of all the formats, even as it is on all sides.

Andreas said...

I won't comment on the cleavage. Nope. Nice light :)

J. L. T. said...

@ andreas: haha, that´s what I thought, nice insights;-)

Larry J. Patrick said...

Great shot. The lighting is fabulous. I would be very proud of this one, as I am sure you are.
Keep the good ones coming.

Ted said...

(Andreas & J.L.T.) Um, what cleavage?

(Larry) There are times when we first find wonderful light than hunt around for something to pour it over. Here, I think I found it.

John Roberts said...

This has a very Norman Rockwell look and feel to it to me. And from me, that is high praise, because Rockwell has always been one of my favorites.