Wednesday, February 25

Academic Freedom

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Actions have consequences
Rights have responsibilities
Unless... You have...


I'm still experimenting with my new Canon G10 so again - for the geeky folk like me who enjoy this sort of thing... Direct from my HD card, here is the virgin photograph of my professor just as I caught him at ISO 400 in the existing light "on campus" in Adamstown yesterday afternoon. Nice automatic color balance, eh? And the painting effects? All done with assorted brushes in PhotoShop... Enjoy.


Andreas said...

Interesting ... and only so slightly on the edge of what most people would consider "photographic" - but an enhancement it is in any case :)

Actually I like it. I can't imagine myself doing anything like that, but that's to a certain degree due to a lack of imagination.

And skill with brushes. And a graphic tablet. And CS4 that makes painting so much easier because you can turn the canvas as you like. And ... and ... byrnesquity :)

Ted said...

Thanks Andreas. This was like a doodle. I did it on my MacBook Pro without the Wacom tablet. In fact I am increasingly using the MBP instead of my G4 workstation where the Wacom lives.

I've only done one of these psuedo painting things before (almost three years ago), and I hated it. This one is for pure fun. The technique so overwhelms the image that it seems hard to communicate through the racket that the craft makes.

I think I've gotten this kinda thing out of my system maybe for another three years.

a passion 'n frames said...

Mr Wizard you sure do have what it takes to really make an image stand out.... delightful

J. L. T. said...

WOW, love the effects you have created. Looks like he is melting, and this goes perfectly with his little sad face!! Have a nice weekend.

Ted said...

(PnF) Thanks Deb. It reeeely was a sort of doodle and the effect is desperately over the top... but fun to do. Fun is a good thing, right?
(J.LT) "Melting".... hmmmm... what a prescient remark. Thanks a lot, hadn't thought of it that way.