Monday, February 23

Chick Magnet?

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Parked outside of Madison Square Garden my Mercedes 500K Special Roadster glimmers in the city, huh? It belongs there with its top down and motor purring. Purring.... it's a sound that attracts, right? :-)


Okay, here's another shot, a virgin photo of that 1936 Mercedes on my office desk top pulled right from my HD card. Sigh, I like it better in NYC. Whadaya think?


Anonymous said...

Hot cars are certainly chick magnets. How can we ever resist the tough guy behind the wheel?

f. mag

Larry J. Patrick said...

Nice shot. The lighting is very good.
Keep the good ones coming.

Ted said...

(f. mag) I'm convinced that a flashy car like this Mercedes is the male equivalent to gal's snug sweater. Don't you think?

(Larry) Thanks for the compliment. I am particularly happy with the sky over Madison Square Garden that day. Or at least the way it enhanced into this brilliant zag.

Debra Trean said...

tooo cute... my husband works on these little beauties... as always delightful work Mr. Wizard