Sunday, November 9

What A Card!

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I'm almost out of my website/blogsite cards. So it's time to think about a new design. Hmmmm.... Since there was a lot of nagging from people who were in disbelief that I wasn't transfixed with taking pretty pictures of Fall - well, how about a tongue-in-cheek presentation of a Fall image? A BIG Fall image. On the wall of a gallery. A BIG gallery. Of course it's a virtual gallery. But why not... I am a virtual artist. And here I am presenting a virtual Fall. Hmmmm.... maybe the gallery's not BIG enough?

What do you think? Maybe it should be presented on the wall of Grand Central Station? Or how about I put it up and present it on the wall of The Metropolitan Museum? Or... or.. how about St. Peter's Museum in Rome?

Maybe I gotta think on this, eh?


Anonymous said...

maybe you should. I like this a lot very creative, innovated, pretty, too small, ok ran out of big words. is that really what you hand out??

the other Ted

Debra Trean said...

smiles you are one creative soul with humor and style...grins... If a person can not get transfixed by fall images then they are not appreciating the small things in life ...that's my two cents on it all...grins

John Roberts said...

Looks good, but here's a suggestion: add a magic wand to your left hand pointing at the photo, and a cone-shaped hat like Merlin supposedly wore. You're the Wizard of digital imaging!

Stacey Olson said...

LOL, loved the comments as much as the post. wonderful.. and you know what?? You Go right ahead and Put it where every you want.. and everyone will lobe it..