Sunday, November 23

Pretty... Very Pretty

Help, I'm under attack by my tools!

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Help, I'm under attack by my tools!
My dad used to say, "Ted, it's a poor worker who blames his tools." Sigh... But it's true. I'm living in a shoddy Steven King novel. I can't seem to tame my filters or techniques. Look at this image taken at Eleanor Rooselvelt's Hyde Park, NY home called Val-Kill.

Nowhere does it communicate my political feelings. Nor does it show something else. Hyde Park is the Land Time Forgot! There has been no change there since maybe 1947! i swear, right in the center of town there's a roller rink. Everyone who toured this place with us remembered the Roosevelts. Now you have to remember that they governed in the 1930s-40s. I felt as if I was suffocating in a musty pile of my parents clothes. And yet, instead of creating an image of moth balls, or reaction to a tour of the Democrat Party's Vatican... instead what came out was that image up here.

I have become an obsessive romantic! Look at this thing. It is .. charming. Charming is not how I felt. How I felt was like... MMMMMPH! I am quite happy to be a citizen of today. It is as if I was visiting the old country while holding daddy's hand. Much as I loved them, today is the world I watched and helped to get made. I like it.

You know what happens when anti matter hits matter? KABOOM! ... Right?

Somehow I KABOOMed! in Hyde Park. Nostalgia kicked me into a psychotic break. AAARGH! And did I get an image of it? Huh?? Huh? Nope... What I got was On Golden Pond up here. I gotta get control of my tools.


Andreas said...

Ahh, the Obama shock! I guess you won't find answerd there :))

You an obsessive romantic?? Sure you are! I don't know how you were before I knew you, but at least the last years you've always been obsessively romantic, even when delivering poison :)

John Roberts said...

I agree. This image lacks the usual Ted Byrne "edginess". Perhaps Hyde Park did have an effect on you, but it was one you weren't expecting. This image captures feelings of peace and serenity. It's as if the Dem party is wanting you to crawl up in its lap while they tell you that everything will be fine; we'll take care of everything for you. It can be positively intoxicating! I think you got out just in time. Now that you're back home, I think you and your tools will be feeling fine and normal again soon.