Sunday, November 2

Election Street Week

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After years: Election Street’s there.
Is a smiley umbrella sufficient?

Unfocused bright, shadowed darkly
Obviously ambiguous
Poised at the noisy silence.

From here
It gives up so little
Of its Rewards or

1 comment:

mcmurma said...

Like so many of your images this one seems to hail from the realm of dreams. Enough subject and focus to get an idea flowing, with an enough blur and color in the background to keep the whole piece fuzzy. Like a dream... my dreams, anyways. Which I can rarely recall in any detail more than 5 minutes after they happen. I may recall parts of them clearly for a few minutes or even days, but the rest begins to melt away as soon as my conscious thoughts get a hold on the thing after waking.

Not sure whats happening here... but I like it.