Friday, November 21

I've Got A Cold... Poor Me...

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Sitting in the library. Snowflakes falling outside. Gray November. Listening to torch singers from the 30s & 40s... buzzed on a Mucinex high. Thinking of California. We'd have liked to live there. Family here on the East Coast was an anchor. So instead we visited a lot. Hey, still do. And on gray chilly days I wonder how it is in Sausalito, or down along the Big Sur.

Images bring me back... once again to Pigeon Point.

But then I wondered what I could pull away and still leave a sense of the place? How much can be chipped out without loosing that dreamy mood. How about this? Huh?


bikejohn said...

I live 90 minutes from Pigeon Point and have never visited. It's moving way up my list now!

Great image and yes, what you've done really retains the feel of the sea, like a flock of seagulls that randomly attained the vague outline of the scene below.

Andreas said...

Mission accomplished :)

Ted, you really have snow by now??? Or was this a metaphor? Well, of course we have as well, but only above 3000 ft. Goodness!

Andreas said...

I eat my words. It just began snowing down here. It won't build up, but it's bad enough!

Andreas said...

Oh, and get well soon :)