Sunday, September 21

Gamin In The City

Made For Each Other

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Sometimes I seem to notice that even the most majestic image is background to something else that's swirling around in my mind. Of course I don't know what. But that's what I love about the artistic process. It mixes epiphany with discovery. The first capture creates a question, a puzzle which may stay with me for a year or more. Oh, not top-of-mind, but just nagging like a quietly yipping puppy just beneath my level of total consciousness.

That was the case here as this capture of 42nd street in New York which from the moment I framed it seemed to be part of a story arc. So when I saw this beautiful child at a street festival.... "CLICK"!

Made for each other...


Here are the two most significant components of Gamin In The City. The first is 42nd Street in New York taken on an August afternoon.
The second was taken at the Mushroom Festival in Kennet Square, Chester County, PA a month later. It occurred to me as I took the second picture that it would be a perfect compliment to my New York street series. I tried to replicate the back light as much as possible and used a similar ISO (200).

However the first image was taken through my 10-22mm (f3.5-4.5), and the second through my new 70-300mm, So I made every effort at the time of the second image capture so that they would seamlessly flow into the depth of field created by the ultra-wide, while reinforcing a certain mystical quality with repsect to perspective. Something which the viewer would subliminally notice.

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