Saturday, September 6


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Art has to be something more than a perpetually running nostalgia machine. Sometimes it's got to go places that weren't where our memories are.

Here's what I mean.

Have you ever noticed that an abrupt odor... a scent... transports you back to a perfect journey into the past? So many images, particularly photographic based images, rely upon us feeling as if we've been there, or could have been there. And it's by stringing together those common pieces of memory that the artist makes us go, "Wow!" And it happens even if we've never actually been there, but we agree to suspend disbelief and agree that, well, we could have been. The artist plays upon our nostalgia for somewhere we never were.

This time I want to not do that.

Instead I want to take you into a design made up of people... going round and round, like a corkscrew into somewhere below. I want it to be all strangeness except for the movement. The sense of tight spaces. The feeling of moving from light to dark. I want to take you into a tunnel from day to a place that doesn't sleep.
In the city that doesn't either.


Here's the virgin image directly from the card of my new Canon 40D.

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Andreas said...

Interesting. I love the places that you construct. I should remember to create some of my own from time to time :)

As to remembering by scent, the most bizarre thing recently happened to me. A scent of pine needles brought back vivid memories of a place in Croatia where I happened to be on vacation with my parents and sister more than 25 years ago. The funny thing is, I did not smell it in reality. It was the memory of the scent of those needles. Still, I am quite sure that this memory did not come en-bloc. The needles were first, and then the scene came with might. Strange, huh? What's that? Growing old?