Saturday, September 27


So? Does This Do It?

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How to break out of the kid portrait mold, eh? How to push what I can do to a limit? And push it into a character study that leaves us with the essence of boy? If there's no essence left, well I've merely done craft all over this frame. Craft is good, but it stops right at art's door. Art tumbles on through. It leaves us not so much distracted by the image but thinking or feeling about something behind it.

Hey, I admire kid portrait photographers. It's a hard craft. But here I wanted to go after, not so much this boy, but instead to kind of find boyishness. Boyhood. And do it from a postage stamp head-n-shoulders composition that was as close as I could get.

Does it happen? For me, yeah. For you?


Here's the virgin image directly from the FlashCard. Comments? Should I have left it alone?

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theo said...

I love the treatment almost as a ghost we remember our own wonder at what is over the edge. the expression on the face really works! I don't like the eyes that is the only thing i really don't like. You asked :)