Sunday, August 24

Vanishing Point

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I'm wondering whether many of the artists I admire have a novel way of seeing, or whether they see novel things. Of course, that makes me wonder just what novelty is. There are people who say that novelty is indivisible from creativity, and that creativity is indistinguishable from art.

Now we know that things get complicated by the simultaneous combination of gargantuan and tiny things together in cities. Look, take a picture of say, a majestic mountain and you limit what you present to us to the mountain, a sky, and perhaps some framing foreground. Whatever... the image is about mountain.

Now, walk around New York City and you just don't see a single mountain sitting there. It's the complexity of things that tumble into the vanishing point which make cities improbably novel. Their order comes from a disorderly jumble of stuff. I guess the pattern of a city comes from a kind of lack of pattern of objects plopped together over years by individuals.

Cities are a blurred tapestry of egos.


As requested: Here's the virgin image direct from my FlashCard. Comments anyone?

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pnfphotography said...

As always this is amazing and really has that BIG CITY feel to it an overwhelming feeling to me at this time in my life. I can recall standing in downtown SF feeling dwarfed by the size of the vertical world around me there. This is wonderful creative and colorful.

Andreas said...

Without wanting to take anything away from your other works these last months, but THIS IS ONE OF YOUR BEST IMAGES EVER!!!!

Absolutely astounding. I guess I have an idea of how to make something like that, but I would have completely lacked the inspiration. What a wonderful synthesis of thought and vision!

Carole said...

"Cities are a blurred tapestry of egos." That's one magnificent quote to remember...

Ted said...

(PNF) It's so hard to capture BIG inside of our little frames. Thanks for the compliment.

(Andreas) Of course you can make something like this. And while I am feeling reeeeeeely good about your compliments... You are a tad too generous re your lack of thought and vision. Still, the compliment Ill take.... thanks.

(Carole) And to think instead of "tapestry" I was going to write "quilt"... Thanks, I'm glad that tapestry completed the thought for me. And got the compliment from you.

bob wong said...

Your mods make a big improvement.

I would add many things in nature are hodge podges, just like a city.