Thursday, August 14

Hallucinations #1

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So what's the difference between hallucinating and fantasizing? Is a hallucination a fantasy gone quirky? I'm trolling for answers here... How does the one differ from the other? We know there can be an evil fantasy, can there be a noble hallucination?

And what does that mean for art?


Andreas said...

Viewing at these images, I first thought to myself, OK, these are some figurines he has seen, they are great, but what exactly is his own contribution? Then I looked at "hallucination #2", and suddenly it all made sense. This is as byrnesque as it can be. But why hallucinations? From the lucis reflected in the window? It's all language, is it?

The difference? Hallucinations are the fantasies of the senses, fanasies are the hallucinations of the mind :)

Love it, as always.

Ashley said...

You have left me pondering... Beautiful artistic work, as always :)

Wish I had your skills to shoot my dog's 3rd birthday pawty this weekend!