Friday, August 22

At The Speed Of Life

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Now you know that nothing in photography is true. Or all of it is. And.. and... Is there something in between? Here's the last image from out of my old 20D. Here's the bustle inside of New York's Penn Station. It's across the street from the B&H media super store I discussed yesterday. Neither my old friend or I knew at this moment that I'd soon trade it for a 40D. So moments before we parted, the old guy let me grab this feeling of the pulse beat of one of The City's front doors. He did his job right to the end. He caught just exactly how I felt in this last pano. Can't ask for a lot more than that, right?

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pnfphotography said...

Agreed and it does feel like the busy-ness of life has kicked into full gear. I always feel so uncomfortable in such crowded spaces now. There was a time it did not phase me so I guess I have lived in the open country far too long to be in such social spaces now.