Monday, August 25

Sidney Sees

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Sidney does not see
What we see.
Instead his world is felt
Inside his mind where
Sidney repairs a future
That will be different
From what we see
When it happens.


pnfphotography said...

Smile - this is wonderful and I get the feeling of heavy thought as he gazes out in the distant. As always dear friend you are most creative and I see your vision.

Andreas said...

Hmm ... I wonder about this image, taken without yout text. The text hints about blindness, but it is not explicit. It could be clairvoyance as well. Or anything.

I have recently written about meaning and about the importance of abivalence in art, and this is a perfect example. So, if the concept of percentages would make any sense here, how much would you judge is the share of your text as compared to that of your image?

Ted said...

I do not buy that an image fails if it partners with words. Nor vice versa. Quite the contrary, I often think that images fail because they failed to partner with words or music... or a good anal scratching.

In fact there is even a media category called an illio which deliberately pairs image with words. Having said that, ambiguity is of course a worthwhile element in expression. It does dilute the concept of communication, but to the degree it creates a parallel or replacement mood/feeling/idea,then it is part of a creative concept.

As I have frequently written: once released into the wild, an image is no longer the property of the artist. And any meaning ascribed to or from it by a viewer is as legitimate as the artists. There is a problem with a word/image marriage. That problem is ... divorce. Most images over time tend to slip their leads... Whether those leads are title/illio/or understood tenants of culture. Time is a great abrasive and will inevitably introduce ambiguity into any image which sails the seas of changing epochs. I defy you to show me a Renaissance image that is without ambiguity to the reasonably educated viewer of the Twenty First Century.

But there is a difference between ambiguity and surrealism. Yes, in this image, my written thoughts/feelings form a part of the concept I've released. But... but... they still leave considerable room or interpretation. To that degree there was a conscious attempt to create competitive realities within the image... surreal... It is distinctly NOT, even with the text... photojournalism, right? :)

Andreas said...

Oh, I absolutely don't object to the pairing of images and words. I would not do it anyway, but how much sense could it make when commenting on the imeges of someone who calls his site "Imagefiction"??

Other than that: right! Uhh, it's boring to always agree :)