Wednesday, July 9

Street Portraits '08d

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Now for those of you who're sure that EXPLOSIVE! is the only setting on my saturation slider... Well take this! Another street candid with that long lens that won't always behave... in the middle of the day. But yet the subject was so pretty... and well... howzabout we swirl on just a touch of the romantic, eh?

Wuddaya think, a touch too far?

Let me know..... K?


And here's the virgin image from the FashCard


Stacey Huston said...

She really is a beauty.. think maybe Black and white or sepia would work well here also.. Great job as usual..

TheodoreBlackPhotography said...

When i look at this i see innocence. I like the pastel colors and the canvas background. Just a question did you use a filter or is that just fill on the original?? I hope her mother sees this picture!

nice work

Ted said...

Thanks for your remarks and for stopping by Stacey, don't know how you find the time given the effort you put into your sites.

Ted... Nope, no filter. The foreground was filled with a flag which allowed wonderful framing and a color framing. Whenever possible, you've probably noticed, I tru to frame with foreground elements. They are especially effective when using a long lens like this 300mm with an effective focal range of 450mm. The DOF is an especially useful tool.

John Roberts said...

Nope, just right! Actually, I could even see this as a B&W. Her expression and head tilt tell the whole story for me.

pnfphotography said...

I do like the new portrait work your doing very nice and dreamy. I like the softness of these... she is just beautiful