Tuesday, July 15


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What defines what? What completes what?

For example... is it the shoe that finishes the foot? Or the foot that finishes the shoe?


And here's the virgin image from the disc.


pnfphotography said...

very fancy when I first viewed this the shoe looks so foreign to me since my feet have not seen a high heel in many years let alone a dress. LOL... I love it and miss that part of my life.

pnfphotography said...

In fact I just may drag out my favorite pair of shoes...and take a picture..lol..

Andreas said...

It's always amazing what women do to their feet. Hmm ... forget about the French name: doesn't this particular fetish device decidedly look like an Italian motor boat cruising the Canal Grande???

Fantastic composition. Sometimes I think I should begin working with squares, but I guess you're light years ahead :)

Chad Oneil Myers said...

You made a great image Ted.

John Roberts said...

I think the shoe finishes the foot. So why have a lot of women's shoes become so big and clunky looking? Most are not flattering to a woman's foot and leg at all!

Andreas said...

Well, opinions about what flatters feet vary wildly between sexes :)

Ashley said...

you somehow made these shoes a thousand times sexier!

Ted said...

(PNF) Okay... so send me some pictures of you in that dress and heels. Can't wait.
(Andreas) The square is a perfect format geometrically. Outside of the circle which we can NEVER use.. all others seem to be compromises with the square's strict limits. Having said that, of course, so what? The best frame is, well, whatever is the best frame to make art, eh?
(John) Knowing nothing about the comfort/engineering/physics of these things... my guess is that a lot of considerations other than what you or I find flattering goes into the decision of the design that finally covers the foot. Right ladies?
(Ashley) Hey, they things are designed to attract me right? So okay.... that gives me some role in the design/presentation decision so why not tease them out to the max? Huh? Huh? Huh?
And of course you're wearing a set of these babies right now, right? :)