Saturday, July 19


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Legions shook mighty fists
While priests and druids
Hurled fearsome oaths.

In the end, time
Stormed against them.
To blunt their edge,
Their youth,
Their glimmering muscle.

Time is the gap between

Reign and rain.


Here's the virgin image from my Flash Card.


TheodoreBlack said...

Nice picture, I can feel the world coming to an end as I view it. I think the use of the color is right on.


btw I tried to make in clearer how to set comments. Let me know if I succeeded. thanks.

John Roberts said...

This is definitely one of your "Greatest Hits". I love that dramatic sky!

Andreas said...

It's great to get what one wishes for :))

Hmm ... haven't been there in years now. Time to get back soon. Can you imagine that I never took pictures there???

Ashley said...

Your work is amazing; I constantly find myself in aww.

Ted said...

(Ted) I hope you've noticed that I've found the comments on your blogsite... thanks for the nice feedback here.

(John) Again John, your opinion is always valuable.

(Andreas) the question is... has this changed over the years since you've seen it, or is it somewhat eternal?

(Ashley) Thanks for visiting. And aww is a very nice thing to have someone feel.

Andreas said...

Oh, it certainly has changed a lot. It never looked better before :)

mcmurma said...

Very nice. I like seeing words and pictures that stand together so seamlessly.