Wednesday, July 23

2007 Awards Continued

Thanks a bundle for all of your mail and comments on other sites congratulating me for inclusion in The Canon POTN Collection Of The Finest Images of 2007. I hope I am not breaking any rules since the final announcements have not been made, but in reaction to your requests you will find the images which the judges selected if you click here.

Of course I'd appreciate any comments you'd like to leave on the images. I've collected this year's selections together with the three images of mine which were selected for inclusion in the 2006 Canon POTN compilation. I don't yet know when the book will go on sale (or come from the printer for that matter, since I was only asked last night to approve the copy which will be placed upon each of my images).

Again, thanks for your support.


Andreas said...

And well deserved! It's interesting: most competitions that I see on the web have terms like "only basic editing". Well, of course your images HAVE ony basic editing, but somehow I have the feeling, that this competition is more liberal than others. That's a good thing :)

Ted said...

Our friend (for those who don't know him... the very successful professional photographer/teacher) Craig Tanner once wrote to someone decrying enhanced fine photographic art... that to be a successful professional photographer in the world today assumes a significant mastery of Post Processing techniques. Those who demand only basic editing are trying to hold back the tides in tin buckets. As you know I have jousted with the organic photographers who insist that any processing technology which is done beyond the norms of traditional wet darkroom possibilities invalidates a photographic claim to the final image.

They are nutcases. I do not deny their creative talent, nor their absolute right to practice within photographic constraints that predate, say 1979... But I reject their ownership of the definition of photography... as the majority of photographers now do.

The organic photographers will quite quickly find themselves within their self constructed ghetto walls, as curiosities like platinum based, gold based, and Amish based curios.

Meantime, after fifty years of professional and amateur photography... I continue to try to learn everything new that I can to increase my ability to produce images which express my ideas and emotions to the widest possible audience.

Why not?

Andreas said...

Because ... because it's wrong ... uhhh ... evil ... uuhhh ... wins you awards ...


Bill Birtch said...

Thanks for getting back to me Ted. If you get this then the problem's solved.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you pictures can say 1k words. When you get on a roll you get on a roll it took me 1/2 hour to read that last post.

But getting real here
CONGRATS your image say it all

Marti said...


My heartiest congratulations for having so many images selected this year. What an accomplishment!!! And, in spite of Andreas :), your work speaks volumes because of your photography and your processing. Yes, indeed, it does win awards.

Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!!