Sunday, June 29

Soliloquy #1

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In a giggle of
Carolina tumbled
Against Jeb
A last time

I've been thinking about conceptual art a lot. This is an example of a concept I wanted to picture before I got on my bike and pedaled over to Lancaster Cemetery. I didn't know that I'd find Caroline and Jeb, but I knew that I'd find a great love and the lightness of giggles. And I did.

Does the image marry the lyric? Is it a song? A poem in two parts? It's certain though that both parts are essential to whatever meaning and feeling that the work has. They are necessary and sufficient conditions to explain Carolina as I conceived her, just as playful now as then, and ever will be... Because I'm convinced that...

it's the good that makes most people's memories...

... and most people memories.


Stacey Huston said...

Makes a beautiful and lasting tribute..

Ted said...

Thanks Stacey. I sort of see the moment as fun. One of the reason that there's so much grief at a funeral is the totality of the people who have left.

It's the totality of their memories... particularly the wonderful humor and sensitive interplay that people have had. It's not only what we will miss the most, but what we remember and future generations forget as the people there become little more than carved names.

Instead of imagining ghosts, spooks, or devils... I tend to imagines parents, artists, and lovers.

How many of these people would I like? How many would like me? Are these friends we really missed the opportunity to make?

John Roberts said...

I do tombstones occasionally, but usually in B&W. You made color work for me with this one.