Monday, June 16

Dixie #6: River Street • Savannah, Ga.

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Brian Bastinelli said...


I ahve enjoyed your images from the south. Especially Savannah. It would have been fun to have you with us!

Ted said...

You all sound as if you had a wonderful time in the old cotton city. I've been getting there once or twice a year for the past couple of decades and tell the truth... I'm growing a tad weary of it. But then again, it's been a lot of years since I actually stayed overnight there and seem to arrive then leave in the midday,usually with others who have never seen it and hence return to the same places... hardly the best time or way to enjoy the character (s) of a city.

I may not be there again for awhile. This last drive south seemed more... telling than ever before. Perhaps we'll vacation more often in New England and along the Chesapeake although I expect we'll still get out to the West Coast frequently... flying, even with all of its hassles beats 13 hours behind the wheel on Interstates.

Besides with Philly, NYC, Baltimore, and DC so close... we get a lot of city living in during the year. And the beaches of Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland are so close, that it's growing increasingly hard to justify that trip down to SC.

Bill Birtch said...

Nice one Ted. I've come back to this one several times, getting lost in the details (good thing) and enjoying the cinematic feel of it.

theo said...

its like you are pealing back the layers of the city as you would an onion. Is it me but don't understand why the gentleman doesn't have any arms?

Ted said...

(Bill) From you, that is compliment indeed. Thanks.

(Theo) You have raised the mystery question. Why the hell doesn't he have arms. Until I processed the shot I was unaware of the missing limbs. Can't find them anywhere on the ground... Honest... I did not drop them.

It was not my intent to exploit a physical challenge... but I too saw the unanswered question he brings to a background that itself leaves so many questions about the past unanswered.

Thanks for noticing this enticing detail... or lack of one... or two!

advman said...

Reminds me of your Italian images. Love this one and would like to see one of those again.