Thursday, June 26

Dixie #10: River Street • Savannah, Ga

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I had to come a great distance
To find these feelings.

And now they have come
A great distance to find you.

They are an old new message
In a new old bottle...

Addressed to the finder.


advman said...

Pretty ... pretty :)

I would have thought combining two leaners to the right could not possibly work. I'd have been wrong.

What are they anyway? Looks like porcelain, but that could be due to your processing as well. And how big or small are they?

Pretty ... Perfect.

April said...

I never liked to play with dolls, but I would like to play with these. :)

They have...personality. I can almost hear their thoughts, and don't think they're very nice ones.

Ted said...

Thank you April... These are distinctly adult dolls. Tough mothers....

Andreas: They are porcelain and their faces are about life size. Not certain what type of decor they will compliment, but it will certainly be... eccentric, eh?