Sunday, June 8

Back For A Week In dixie

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The deep South in Summer. Yesterday's humidity was 100% at 10:30 am. The mosquitoes swarmed thick as swamp vapors. This guy wanted to get a bass before it got hot.

I'm grabbing a part of this feeling for myself, and part of me from the feeling. They're not entirely separable things all caught up in an image of soon-to-be-evaporated-memory. Each time I return the image will release a foggy ether of something I shared... The image will be the memory... Or at least its color, shape, and form, sounds and smells.

And behind this image... Can you feel the way the rod sits in his hand? The way he steers with his knees? And the satisfaction he's got rocking there deep in this bayou, content in a placid silence where light, heat, water, and peace all swirl from the mists?


Here's the virgin image.


LSqrd said...

Great site, Ted!! I discovered you via John R's "My Viewfinder", glad to've found your site!

Ted said...

Thanks for the visit Isqrd. Summer moves like grease, especially down here in the South where the pace seems to be inches an hour. But the charm balances pace.