Tuesday, March 11


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Monday night in San Francisco I wondered if there were pictures in airports. Yesterday as I wandered about O'Hare in a Chicago lay-over I noticed the tabloid newspapers everywhere blared on about some politician who'd been caught with prostitutes.

So I screwed on my X-Ray filter - the one that cuts through facades to reveal the X-rated characters who lurk underneath. And sure enough I caught this guy. Forget the lens babies, you really ought to get one of these things, they bring a new meaning to the term 'candid photography,' doncha think?


advman said...

Hmm ... I guess I like that.

You don't feel like coming back to a daily schedule? It's hard when you don't get your drug as often as you used to :)

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Kind of abstract. cool.

Bill Birtch said...

Great fun Ted. Thanks for the chuckle.