Monday, March 10

San Francisco

Have been on the Left Coast since Thursday, flying back to Lancaster tomorrow. Hope to have something to post here then. The weather's been terrific but the press of business has made picture taking hard when the light's been sweetest.... Darn. I'll see what I got on the plane. Anybody ever gotten decent pix at airports? Maybe there are some at the changeover in Chicago. That could be fun challenge. I'll let you know this week.

I wish I had John Roberts' eye on a trip like this. He'd come back with cards full of Americana that'd make us all see things we never notice. Sigh....


April said...

Try the United Terminal at O'Hare! "Includes a great tunnel with a long moving walkway through kinetic light & sound sculpture."

bikejohn said...

Hey Ted!

Wish I knew you were going to be out this way, I would have tried to get together with you for a photowalk around the city. I live about 30 minutes east of SF, over the hill from Oakland in San Ramon.

Yes, we've had some great weather lately. But the rain we had a month ago made for some fun photo ops too.

Take care,
John Wright