Sunday, October 7

This Place Looks Like This

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Hey! Here's a fast postcard to all of you from Firenze, Italy in the pre-dawn of this AM.

Wish you were here...


This image is posted from our apartments in Florence on the evening of my Mano-A-Mano photo shoot with Andreas Manessinger. I've only quickly had time to look at the four gigs of shots I took at the Duomo and then down the ancient streets to the Ponte Vecchio at sunrise this morning. I'll probably not get back to these for weeks. But it looks as if I have an image or two that are competitive.

This is the 365th posting to ImageFiction!!!! So? Is this really the first anniversary, or just an indication that I needed a day off here and there over the past year? Hmmmm.....


Anonymous said...

Ted, great to see a piece of Florence from the Byrnian perspective. Great image. Hope you're vacation is everything you'd hoped for and more.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice image Ted. I love the warm tones offset by the cool blues.

Not to mention the fact that I wish I was in Italy!!

Debra Trean said...

awesome I hope your having a BLAST !!! enjoy the holiday and take tons of pictures !!!!