Wednesday, October 24

Temple Of Isis

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Multi flavored adoration was as much for sale just off of the streets of Pomeii as in any modern city. It was hard to walk more than a block without finding a different brand of faith. Is there something within us which simultaneously hunts for a divine solution to our challenges but demands that our personal solution be different from the suspiciously superstitious beliefs of the next guy?

The religious wars apparently flourished in Pompeii and exotic foreign faiths like this temple to the Egyptian diety Isis sat close to churches channeling the gods of the Romans and Greeks. Today in the West there seems to be a more consistent agreement upon which god to adore, but now the devil is in the details, eh?


NOTE: You will often find in-depth descriptions of this Italian visit among the comments-section below both as I add onto them and as you prompt my memory. I'll try to restrict my thoughts exclusively to today's image here on the home page and enlarge upon them in the comments attachments to a day’s posting as the discussions unravel. Those comments begin here. To follow the thread chronologically start at October 7th.


pnfphotography said...

very original looking and loved reading your description and thoughts as always. I think I could listen to you for hours no kidding your words are so descriptive. Saw you comment on the growing older better .... blog and loved the splat. I think your very creative and wonder if you were as a youngster?

Bill said...

Love the colour, the tilt, the lines, the texture, the... I could go on but you probably get my point. It's all good. Great image and very evocative.

advman said...

"The devil is in the details"! Oh, Goodness, I love that phrase here :)

Btw: Nice play with colors. Honestly, I've seen people cope worse with bright daylight :))


Ted Byrne said...

Thanks to all of you, this one was fun to do and I couldn't control the chromatic excesses.

A word about this temple. Seems that Isis may have inspired a minority following, but a rich one. Perhaps the wealth came from families engaged in shipping to Egypt? This temple is hidden behind a wall, but sits in the open air. I'm guessing that the warm weather of southern Italy encouraged many more outdoor activities than we would imagine. I wonder if they cancelled worship services for rain? I wonder if they met weekly as most of our faiths do.

I wonder, but I'm too lazy to do the research. Anyone have any answers?