Wednesday, October 31

Cheek Turning

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Alfred Stieglitz in 1909 observed that photographers, "Depict life in scraps and fragments." Some have argued that the painter constructs a concept while the photographer on the other hand discloses it. Today I think the photographic artist can both disclose and construct with decisive fragments. Hmmmm... constructive disclosure? Have I invented a term? Cool.

In fact we tend to find pieces of life. And in a way by revealing just that piece in its context, we disclose something unique. Something we saw. Here I noticed a raging saint in a place built upon the idea of peace, love and turning the other cheek. Even though this is a fragment from St. Peter's, the warrior has a role at this Basilica.

Photographers can wrench things from their context. Is that what's happening here? Or is this fearsome sword an important pat of the function of this place? Hmmmmm.... I wonder?


pnfphotography said...

cheek turning - your mind ask the most interesting questions - seems to me we have a lot of images about peace but as American's we sure the hell do not practice it much. :( - sad to say Viet Nam was going on when I was a young teen and now my kids are teens and we are still fighting a war!!! Not so sure anyone turns the other cheek -

Bill said...

Journalists disclose, but you've given us an interpretation of a detail of the basilica that many would overlook and you've done it with great skill and insight as usual. Keep 'em comin' Ted, I'm enjoying the ride as you relive your trip.