Saturday, October 27

Fountain Of Thought

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Nine Disputable Facts Of Life

As a writer, I keep note of things that occur to me in discussions, when I’m reading, or when I’m just sitting and contemplating a fountain like this in the gardens of the Vlla D’Este (which I discussed yesterday). Looking at my notes, I found that I mulled over three-quarters of a dozen that trundled through my mind like those melodies which you just can’t stop humming.

So okay, let me get them out of my head and into yours. I have no idea whether they are right or wrong, good or bad – and I cannot promise they are all that original, but I hope you’ll agree, they each seem worth kicking about to see if anything worthwhile scurries out from under, eh?

1. Happiness cannot be caught by pursuing it.
2. Rights are not requirements.
3. In fact most rights are often more demanded than needed.
4. You can never be offended against your will.
5. No faith is reasonable, all faith is passionate.
6. Defining poverty as a virtue therefore makes wealth a vice.
7. Almost any act, no mater how dreadful, can be explained away by appealing to its consequences.
8. Before the nuclear missile we could wait for reason to catch up with passion.
9. Parenting and breeding are different things. One of them is hard.

1 comment:

advman said...

Goodness, Ted, I have no idea how you got from here to #9 :)

But, anyway, the Catholic Church was always great in glorifying the ways that it did not take itself, and there were always good reasons, and of course it was just coincidence, that what it did pleased the powers that were. That much for #6.

As for #5, I guess there is no problem with reason in faith, passion is what we must fear :) No, honestly, I am no believer myself, but I think true faith is always a bit of both. Reason alone is dry and probably a mask only, but passion alone is fanatism.

Anybody else?