Sunday, December 15


Thousands of hoards,  no…
Hundreds of thousands…
Crossed, ducked
To all fours

Here: its last
Image before
They came to
Rip it away
Without a

This’s the finest image remaining with no more to be made since its destruction. Before that for decades it sat craving to do again what it did the day before it stopped doing what it did… So well.  

 I captured it through a Canon 40D’s 17-85mm (f4-5.6), then tortured out an appropriate dynamic range in PS4 using Topaz Adjustment to butcher squealing pixels here and there. The fog and sky textures are my own dark imagining. Hell, the whole thing’s now my murky fantasy since the thing’s been battered into rubble. 

*** *** ***  

Don't you love the way they write comic books? The imagery "12 CLICKS FROM ARMAGEDDON!" "THE DEATH SPORE FROM HELL" "BOOM!"…. Great stuff… Ambiguity? Whudda hell's "ambiguity?" Breathless… You go panting, gasping. It's all made deliberately and flamboyantly unreal as possible. Heavy metal on crack. A hand holds a ball of light set to detonate.

In '04 a number of authors wrote in a book called Give Our Regards To The Atomsmahers that "Nightmares, after all, teach us far more than wish-fulfillment dreams." I'm a sucker for writing that's all in caps… Made up of declarative sentences and riddled with exclamations. The thing about black and white thinking is that it's so easy. You never get muscle fatigue since it doesn't work any…. mental muscles. It's a world bounded by one force… Vertigo. Wheeeeee!

Not to worry about whetting the imagination's appetite, they provided everything you needed to know in those bold sentences crammed with sounds… BAFF! BONK! WHAP! WHUMP! KA-BLAM! EEEEEE!

Every now and then that kid in me wants to scream something in all caps that's dark and menacing and just stands on its own bottom… something like… THE DEATH PLANK OF DOOM!

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