Tuesday, December 31

Christmas Kids 5

It's Samantha again. When you're not yet two the running, squealing, eating, drinking, whirling, rolling, unwrapping, giggling, and hugging wears on a little girl. Then you've got to plug something in to let everything kind of recharge. And do that down the carpet where you can still peer at everyone surrounding while your mind sorts through it all to find a pattern that will make sense next time… Next Christmas.

Once again the stabilizers in my mighty Canon EFS 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens and the magical sensor in its 7D let in enough brightness from surrounding candles. I first reworked the dynamic range in her eyes and mouth in PS4 while painting away background distractions, then I called in AlienSkin's Exposure 5 to let me evoke the palette of slightly over-processed Polaroid film to multiply the romantically flickering moment.  


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