Sunday, December 29

Four At Christmas

Nope not her birthday, that's in September… but that still makes her four at Christmas… In case you didn't know, well, she tells you… A LOT :-)

And so the kiddie pix keep on comin' like hits on Top Forty AM. Damn it's hard not to take these kiddie images this time of year. It's like eating chips… Hard to stop after one, y'know?
Incidentally this was grabbed through my big… EFS 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USMl lens on the Canon 7D. The stabilizers help a lot with hand held grab shots. But it still took about a 3000 ISO and the grain looks like a snow blizzard. Thus the high contrast conversion. Worked it in PS4 to both darken and diffuse the background living room as Katelyn ran all about. She's sooooo quick. I like the way she's running out of the frame.. Kind of a comment on the transience of youth, Christmases past and like that, huh? You catch snippets: on your sensor, in your memory… both the pixel and brain kind. 


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Cedric Canard said...

Ted, you have beautiful nieces and your photos are equally beautiful. I trust you had a good Christmas and I wish you a wonderful year for 2014.