Saturday, July 10

Work In Progress

Friday marked a year for my recent training regime. 365 days.... A friend Bill Hayek used my camera to grab some shots. Here's a first take from the set outside of the gym in the morning light. There were big fluffy clouds that covered the sun and brought the contrast down. But we still picked a shady spot on the building's north side. We're having a hot July spell here in Lancaster County... Shirt-off weather. So....

It is really hard for me to work on a self portrait. I'll leave this up for a short period, until I come down with a bout of humility (they really do happen... honest). But anyway... here I am 45 pounds lighter than a year ago. Rita's worried that I've become too skinny. Time to start packing it back on I guess?


Andreas said...

45 is an impressive figure. Hmm ... I'd need more like 65 I guess :)


Gelfoto said...

What change! my more sincere congratulation, the work is excellent and the extraordinary results.
Warm greetings

John Roberts said...

The fine tuning is often the hardest part of any task. A little BBQ should put you right where you need to be!

J. L. T. said...

Hm, what a man, you don´t need Johnny Depp beside you any more ;-) 45 is spectacular!!! Sunny greetings

John Barclay said...

I, like many I suppose need to lose 20 to 30 lbs... I ride a bike every other day 20 to 40 miles but that just makes me hungry!

I'm happy to have been re-introduced to your excellent blog. I enjoy your images, wit, musing and writing style. Excellent work Ted.

I have you as and RSS feed now so I don't miss a thing!


Ted said...

To the Two Johns, Angel, & Andreas - Thanks guys. It is truly hard to work on a self portrait. Every tweak seems to be a romanticized/idealized ego stroke. All I really did here was replace a busy background and adjust the tonal range to darken the shadows. Did I think about carving out bulging muscles? Uh... of course not. Never. Didn't cross my mind... But... but... well... I escaped before my hubris conquered my good sense.

Still, it is embarrassing to see this image on my own weblog. Maybe in half a year, I will look back on this as a puny representation... you know... sort of a "before" picture? So it won't seem so blatant?

J.L.T. .... "What a man"... Thanks for that quote. I shall try not to swagger :-) And sunny greetings back-atcha!