Tuesday, July 6

Clair Summer Evening

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How many Clairs are there? All of them are pretty. Each is different from a moment-before's Clair. Someone once wrote, You can't dip a toe in the same river twice." That's a lot like us I guess. Each moment we've moved along... the old us left behind on a camera's flash card. Have you ever noticed that the camera captures a time which happens so quickly that even we aren't aware of it. Our minds work more slowly than a photographer's shutter. Cameras then capture things or people that happen so swiftly that no one really sees or even experiences them. Hmmm... sounds super spooky. Gotta think on that.


Speaking about spooky... I used my Canon 7D w/ a Canon EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens. The thing's so SHARP I could shave with it! Then in PS4 I combined the images you can see here. Then I masked out the parts of Clair which weren't needed. Finally I used a couple of tools, Topaz to reset the dynamic range in selected spots, then Alien Skin's watercolor to dream out the background (along with just a kiss of AlienSkin's Bokeh in a couple of intrusive spots).

Oh yeah... you'll notice the red/yellow caste on the original images here. That was easy to desaturate in PS4.

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