Wednesday, July 21

Bokeh2-Part 2

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Let's try Bokeh2 with a tad of help from SnapArt2 shall we? Note, I took a passel of pix of KatelyinRose last Saturday with my G10, point-and-shoot. That meant shooting at a high and noisy ISO. So, what to do? Well, I'd intended to use the images as a test of the new Bokeh2 in combo with PS4 and knew as a consequence that noise would be no problem. See what I mean?


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Andreas said...

Hmm ... Ted, could you elaborate on how this is different from Gaussian Blur or Lens Bur with a mask? I mean, I know that it is different, I know that it is more like Lens Blur with an additional choice of blur characteristics, but do you really use it that way? Would it matter after you have applied SnapArt?

Or in other words: what is the significance of Bokeh vs Lens Blur for YOUR workflow?