Friday, April 10

The Poet Wrote...

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"For beauty's nothing but the beginning of terror." - Rainer Maria Rilke

Sigh, don't you love great German poets? Explode-the-milk-through-your-nose FUNNNNY! You get the feeling that Rainer Maria Rilke had a dazzlingly pretty mother... Who gave him that middle name.

Which wasn't totally funny in high school. Um, well not to Rainer Maria Rilke. I've always thought, as I read Rilke, that his mommy's beauty probably talked his dad into a lots of stuff. Like naming his boy, Maria. Which results in either a totally tough youngster... or a kick-ass sour poet. I'm guessing that Rainer wasn't what women call a bad boy, huh?


Andreas said...

Wow, aloof! Another mannequin from Italy?

As to Maria, well, that name was not so uncommon in nobility, and it is still not so uncommon in southern countries. I have no examples at hand, but there is a way in which e.g. the Spaniards see a name like Jesus not so much as a token of identity than as an adornment. It would be pretty impossible to name a boy Jesus around here, but in Spain it's OK.

Any way. Love this image.

Markus Spring said...

Yes, Maria is not an uncommon middle name in southern Germany, especially southern Bavaria, and Austria - two catholic strongholds. It's totally different from Johnny Cash's 'Boy named Sue', no feminine connotation with it at all.

Great image - well sought out development from a illustration to a real impression.