Thursday, April 2

The Photograph Is A Fact

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It's not the difficulty of technique that makes something into art. Nope... nope... it's the challenge of what an image expresses, you know what I'm saying? Hmmm.. Lemme try that differently. The greatest thoughts have been expressed by the simplest technique... writing.

A photograph is a fact... well it is a couple of facts. What it is about is factual. And the thing itself... you can see it, examine it - its very existence is factual.

An image on the other hand. This thing here... It is not about something factual. But you can see it, consider it. It exists. And its existence is a fact, right?

So... so.... What it is is NOT a manipulated photograph. What it is is a feeling that I've enhanced. And how was I feeling? Um, well... just like that image there. Right?

And that's a fact!


By the way, the feeling I mentioned was all about what's going on in America right now. Urban ideologies are pouring over the countryside. The liberal has broken through the conservative. The taxis are swirling through the covered bridges. How will they be received? Are the country roads two-way? Will they? Can they - ever go back? Are urban feelings way out of place in a foreign country? Or are they the ones that we have been waiting for?


Andreas said...

That's ... absolutely ... makes ... speechless? WOW! Made me ROTFL :)

As to change, well, conservativism is about doing just as we did, right? But if what we did, brought us where we are, and if where we are is not a place where we want to be, well, maybe it's time for a change, huh :-?

Ted said...

Hmmm, well if conservatism is about doing as we did, and liberalism is about doing as we are doing... maybe we oughta do what we did that got us where we were when we did DemocratRepublican-ism here in the the US? :-)

No... no... in a way we are both right. To the degree that the present economic mess is about the greed of Bush and his Republican friends and the demagogic rapacity of Barney Frank and his Democrat friends... maybe either going back to conservatism or away to liberalism might work... not sure in recent memory we've tried either. :=)

Personally just now I have not a party to affiliate with nor a national politician who I trust. I'm a recovering voter :-(

Not to worry... I have not tumbled into a vat of cynicism, rather I am swimming in a very deep pool of skepticism... swimming reeeeeely hard to keep head above surface... Grumble. I envy your hope.

Andreas said...

Oh dear, "recovering voter" is just as priceless as this image is :)

Conservativism, liberalism, socialism, even communism, none of them, when seemingly implemented, turned out to be working as it should, right?

Conservativism sounds like conserving what we have, what's good. Wasting away resources and changing the world any way it fits, just to pile up money, in the end that does not sound very conservative at all. And of course similar things can be said about any other *ism.

Finally it is all about people. People with dreams, people with illusions, greedy people and gracious people, people who begin this way and end that, one way or the other, people who are good some time and bad the other, so many people who struggle for a piece of the pie. It almost does not matter what *ism, in the end it's always the same kind of people who you'll find at or near the top. Some of them to more than their own advantage, some not.

The wonderful thing with Democracy is, that it still gives us a handle to get rid of them. That's one of the reasons why it is so important to keep it holy, to not give all control into the hands of those at the top. And to keep voting. And to keep saying out lout when things stink at the top :)

Ted said...

Isn't it scum that floats to the top? Perhaps so both in sewers and politics. Or maybe in politics the scum sinks to the top. Yes... like the mixed allusion. Although there are those who might argue that in politics it is evil which stinks to the top.

When it comes to government at the moment, like England's Queen... I am not amused.