Tuesday, April 14

Painterly? Yeah... painterly.

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I've been this way before which you can see if you click here.
But this time it's an exercise. I wanted to see how painterly I could make this image, and how surreal that effect would make the final image.

The idea of surreal is fascinating. Our minds evolved to seek patterns. If we could see a puma in the leafy bushes, we had a better chance of survival. So we've become hardwired to discover relationships among facts. The surreal image presents a number of sharp facts which are, essentially un-related. It's a kind of artistic tease. You know a picture of a salami, a mound of sand, and the back of a man in a derby hat. Surreal.

Now my question here is, can you remove enough of the image ... the facts ... to leave a pattern which is not explicable? Of course by linking this to the earlier version as I've done above perhaps defeats the deal. I guess I should have chosen an image for which you had no anchor, huh?

Hmmmm... Okay, back to the drawing boards... Literally! Grumble


Barry Armer said...

I like this version a lot Ted! Of course I liked the original post a lot as well. I suspect that if you either got really bored or if someone tripple dog dared you that you could make a dozen different verions of this same photo (any photo for that matter) and they would all be excellent and interesting!

Well done!

a passion 'n frames said...

I very much like this piece...always a pleasure to see what Mr Wizard has been up too...

Ted said...

Thanks to both of you.

You raise an interesting point Barry. It is a great puzzle to discover which is the correct... the right... image to finally release into the wild. I wonder if Michelangelo was pleased that the fingers of God and man were exactly THAT close together on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. I wonder if there was a version (even if it was in his mind) where they touched?

How do you do it Barry, and you Deb? How do you decide... "Oh yeah! This is the version that I will send off onto the inernet seas? Or off to a client?