Thursday, November 2


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The sun sets on trees
Hilton Head has trees
Therefore the sunsets on Hilton Head

Some things are intuitively obvious... like the trees, drenched in Spanish moss, hugging the shoreline against the glare-gold washed skies of a South Carolina sunset. They are (is this a word?) syllogisitcally correct. While humans float around in words which can mean this or that... contentions which can mean anything... the sun, the sea, the rocks and the trees dance together into a performance which means exactly one thing... There's solace in their honesty, no?

BTW... I missed posting this yesterday by three minutes. But, well, I just wanted to get the image the way I understood it wanted to be gotten. It took three minutes too many... So be it. Sorry, but sometimes art just won't cooperate with the clock :)


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