Friday, November 10

Colored Bubbles

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I caught this at first, peripherally. Colored bubbles danced at the corner of my eye, glimmering at me to look, then squint so that my eyelids squeezed the vivid gels of stuff. You ever done that? You know, just peeked through narrow slits so that all you saw was a kind of concept of the things that were there? On occasion it's a useful way to look at images, ideas, and life. The challenge was how to communicate that concept of The Shirte, as opposed to a definition of it.

It seems to me that if an instant resonates in a way peculiar to just that moment... then that is what I need to capture, and try to communicate. So here is my sense of the fabric of the epicenter of Provincetown, Mass - on a dreary Halloween Day in 2005. Think of it as a colored nuance.

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