Saturday, November 30

Time Ravages All Roses

Time leaches
The extremes
Of life
From our

Surely you've noticed the space around a gowned monkey distorts? My Canon 7D did through its Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6) when I stood him in front of stacked - and filled - Dublin coffins. Then in PS4, I worked the feelings through AlienSkin's SnapArt4 so that the scene dangled like the string on a surreal party popper - that no one dared pop. 


Cedric Canard said...

"Time leaches

The extremes

Of life

From our


I like that. It's true and yet it's the extremes that tells us we're alive.

Ted said...

We have a rotten memory for pain Cedric… which is the only thing that allows return visits to the dentist office and, in the case of mothers… the bedroom :-)

Is pleasure's memory equally dimmed by time? I'm not as certain, although it's residue might be enough to send us careening back to it as often as possible?

It seems to me though that memory is not of incidents, years, months, or days… but of moments. And since that is where both pain and pleasure live… :-)