Sunday, November 24

Before He Was Baaad!

See his tie? Hat? Pants?
Imagine Brando.
Hell's Angels. Coffin Cheaters
...Los Diablos.

Once some boy
Played with this guy
And never imagined
A Tattoo.

Over Acting?

Look at this image…. 

Here's the obsession of a control freak… um… Me!

Recently I grabbed this snapshot through my Canon 7D's  EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6) at a tag sale in Adamstown. His tie and hat snagged my eye. I'm guessing this lead toy's from what? The 1920s? 30s? Colors in the group were still so vivid. Then look at how manic I got. See how I augmented the image to hijack your attention with all the subtlety of a performance by Mylie Cyrus to make you stare at one thing. No… no… not a tongue :-)

See all those vector lines? See how they highlight streaks that both end and grow brighter around the circle of the rider's head? Vector A in particular uses the price tag's string to start the effect. See how the depth of field's been dickered with as in Circle B to leave just the rider tack sharp? See how the outer edges are all vignetted so that the brightest dynamics all pop along the power point described by the red -  Rule Of Thirds grid -  I've overlaid? 

YIPES! This is craft gone carcinogenic. Couldn't stop myself. Even the palette's been created to become most vivid around that northwestern power point on the red grid. Hot reds and greens explode both along that western vertical grid line and at the power point, meantime the setting fades into a warmer stew of yellows. 

I felt driven to tell the story that this guy told me, about a time before bike riders were baaaaaad!

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