Sunday, August 4

OMG! A Ghastly Pink Horror!

“They used to be everywhere… And now they’re not anywhere. And I don’t know where any…” Her wet eyes jerked about fixing on this and that…

“Wait,” I reached at her arm but she pulled away. “Wait… What? Who? Used to…”
“The birds! The Birds! The flamingos… FLAMINGOS! ” Her voice screeched as her hair whipped about, knuckles pressed against her cheeks. “I finally… Last night… I went out looking because once they were all over the place. Like a giant flock had landed on lawns, Y’know? And by driveways… On the porches… And you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing them…” Her words spat, spat, spat.
“You went looking last night for Flamingos? You mean those pink things on the lawns?”
“YESSSSS! Oh yes. Where are they? They were everywhere, remember? You remember don’t you? Say you remember. SAY IT! And suddenly they weren’t anywhere. So last night I went out where I last saw one… Out by the stream. Out in the woods… I saw their crazy faces. There’s a war on. They must be stopped from…!!! And I know now! I KNOW, I TELL YOU!
Her body froze with that look that you see when people watch a roller coaster buck a rider from off of its highest point… “The Flamingoes… I KNOW WHERE THEY”VE GONE!


Found this warrior  through my Canon 7D  at _South Of The Border_. Found the pink  thingee on a lawn near Reading, PA. The brook runs through a Lancaster County farm. Mashed them together in PS4 using AlienSkin's Exposure 5 to affect the moody sense of weirdness through a film emulation that almost brooded upon the dynamic range. 


John - Visual Notebook said...

Excellent! Love the story!

Ted said...

There's war out there John. A WAR I SAY!!! Lock up your flamingos. Load up your Remingtons. These crazed monsters won't stop until the last pink feather!! :-)

Cedric Canard said...

Ted, we had a similar tragedy befall us here in Australia some years back when garden gnomes started disappearing. People were in quite a panic with no clue as to what or who was causing these disappearances. That was until the owners of these gnomes started to receive postcards from their beloved little garden munchkins from all sorts of foreign places. Eventually most made it back home, a little worse for wear but happier for the experience.
Sadly for your pink flamingos, their fate does not seem so… rosy.

Ted said...

Why is this happening Cedric? Y'think it's the Temporal Shift collostigum's finally and actually come unstuck as the Great Morstwurk predicted?