Saturday, August 31

I'm way behind... Soo... let's go huh?

I've been away, then working, then the dog ate my  homework :-) Soooo.... Howzabout I upload almost a dozen and hope someone likes something? Lemme know K and I'll tell ya the story around the image you might like.

A) Let me first return to Ireland:

1. Here's my major favorite... a street scene from downtown Dublin..

2. Wanna get stoned? Visit Blarney Castle..

B. I'll come back to Ireland in the next upload but I've also been shocked by a guy who wondered what he'd feel like after retiring from a senior management position...

D. Then there were the girls already set for their own job interviews at BoyFriends R. Us... 

E. I went back to the archives to look again at Hank's Love Shack in the now razed Lancaster Stock Yards which has become a job creating high tech industrial park. Love the sunset here...

F. Okay, while revisiting the abandoned Stock Yards some six years ago I wandered along what was, once-upon-a-time the main street of America's second largest stock yards at the turn of the 20th century.. The jungle returned..

G. Up in New England two weeks ago I visited my buddy Joe and his grandson Matt. Great moment, eh?

H, Sunrise on Cape Cod... The bayside after the storm... From a 3 panel pano..

I. My friend Andreas and I roamed the streets of Florence a few years ago on an early morning photo shoot. We got separated and I found an early morning market... Tried entering this image in a show a year or so ago. It got rejected... They didn't know how to categorize it. Wasn't art huh?

I. Since the Stockyard file was open, I decided to revisit an image that I originally worked in 2006. It's fun to see how much I've changed.. maybe learned. Regardless, it's also fun to assess the emotional change that the image now evokes in me...

J. Which brings me to a Sunday bike ride in the very early morning this month through the streets a couple blocks from my home here in Lancaster... This is where Grant Alley crosses Shippen Street. We're looking into the sun searing down Grant.

Okay, I'm kind of caught up. Unfortunately I've not yet reduced a small smattering of images that I've formatted for printing with dimensions way too large to post. I'll get them formatted soon. Comments anyone? Suggestions? 


Cedric Canard said...

The first and last are my favourite of these particular images though I like how the clown picture makes me feel a little creeped out.

But I keep going back to the first one. Since I first saw it, I have tried to create something like it for myself but have yet to do so successfully.

Love your work Ted.

Ted said...

Thanks Cedric. When I posted each of these at Red Bubble I was more ebullient re. explanations. Here're the descriptions relevant to the images you highlighted...

1. CoDependen Feeling

Pearse Street • Sunday • 7:04am • May 5, 2013 • Dublin

How does instinct differ from intuition? I mean, we know that we breathe, blink, and beat our hearts all from controls in the backroom of our brains. But… is there room in that place to capture some knowledge? Feeling? Is that the stuff which mystics insist they tap? Is there some primal legacy coded into our DNA that’s released in there to mix up with instinct and is that what intuition’s about? I wonder if art lets us tease shakings of stuff from that chamber, you know, the way a chef sprinkles condiments?

What do you think? Does the artist’s instinct enable intuition to express subconscious feeling? Or not? Wuh-do-I-know?

Look here at Pearse Street early on a Sunday morning in a city of my ancestors. Nope, that’s not what my camera saw. It’s what I intuited. Intuit is a verb, right? It murmured about ancient homes cracking like pikes against a relentless cliff-face of impending condos. But like age, they come at a glacial pace yet can’t be outrun.

Canon 7D, EF-17-85mm, ISO 100: Post in PS4, Custom layering of: Alien Skin Bokeh2, OnOne: Perfect Effects 3. Proprietary textures, brushes.

2. B. (Clown): Tttiled: Executive Retirment

Next day
Wayne strummed at
His severance

When he
Grasped what

The moment
That he

Canon 7D, EF-S17-85mm, f4.5, I/25sec, ISO 500. PS4: Alien Skin Exposure 5: AGFA & Polapan pushed processed, Bokeh 2: Custom designed texturing. Custom textures & brushes.

2. J. Entitled: So Far, Wuddaya Done?

Grant Alley meets Shippen Street here in Lancaster: The alley was renamed to celebrate General Ulysses No one will rename Shippen why?

From his Philadelphia birth in 1703
Edward Shippen III lived 78 years.
First he hard-scrabbled together a
Fortune as a fur trader and later a shipper.
Then became mayor of Philly later a judge.

In his late 40s he moved to Lancaster.
From here he became colonial paymaster for the
British army, helped start Princeton and
University of Pennsylvania. And again a judge.

He created the city of Shippensburg while
Starting both the Pennsylvania Hospital
And the American Philosophical Society.

And all we remember is a street that
None will rename… Because it’s
Named after Judge Shippen.

Hmmm… you got streets named after you?

Summer Sunday bike ride up the street from my home here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Grabbed this with my trusty Canon G10. PP in PS4. where I grabbed all sorts of tools to close the alley around the morning sun, feed its glow misting its way down Grant St. and then laying in a mixed media texture from AlienSkin’s mighty SnapArt3. Squint your eyes and the historic spirits of Civil War soldiers walk hand in hand with Colonial Ladies down the streets to meet Victorian merchants and townsfolk. There are worse places to live than this, eh?