Sunday, July 3

A REAL Photograph?

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It’s called by some
The Simple Life
What the Amish have.

On a Summer day
Riding Lancaster’s
Backroad farmland hills

I wonder if simple
Captures what it means
To live here like this?

Hmmm… Some have wondered if I still take “pictures”? I’m guessing they mean, photographs? In fact friends wonder if I can still take pictures? Okay… here are the basics, right? It looks like a picture, a photo… um… don’t you think? Of course, nothing is reeeeely as it looks, is it? :-)

Near Blue Ball, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Canon G10, PS4 (pano w/image merge 4 wide-angle pans), custom brushes

NOTE Okay... maybe I did move the barn, um, into the image, uh, along with its cow and pasture. But... but.. it's still a picture, right? And well, perhaps there were only a few of those orange flowers snapping open, but.. but.. well, there should have been more, huh? And yeah, the skyline could have been messed up with a few inconvenient buildings off in the distance. Well who has an appetitie for inconvenience anyway? Not me... nope. But... but... except for those tiny details and a tad of romanticizing the dynamic range and color palette... HEY... basically it's a photograph, huh?


John Barclay said...

What the heck is this? It ALMOST looks like a REAL picture.... Are you okay Ted? Do I need to send a doctor? Oh.... never-mind... just read the rest of the story.... whew...

Ted said...

I'm totally sorry about this retrogression back to primitive times when photographers, John, took... well... photos. Sheeeeeze.... It's a little embarrassing but... but... well it's my dirty little secret that I actually started for the first 40 years of my craft making images that looked like ... this! How quaint, huh? :-)

Thanks for the wonderful comment John.

Habakuk said...

Ah. What I like is seeing the same bold colors, the same drama even in such a calm, untroubled scene. This, my friend, makes me sure I know the artist!

BTW: I like the way your signature has been painted on the road. You deserve that totally.