Saturday, January 1


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Here's my wife's grand-niece KatelynRose on Christmas day. Magical moment. But doubly magical. As you can see it's naturally lit, primary from window in front on cloudy morning, and filled with tungsten light from the room. I balanced them in PS4. Simple operation there. But the magic was from my new Canon 7D. I used my 17-85/mm cranked out to 85mm at f5.6/.30sec. at an ISO of 3200. Lookit that last number.... ISO 3200!!!! And I've done NOTHING to obscure the grain. Those skin tones are like butter. At 3200 ISO! That's three full stops over 400 ISO. With imperceptible grain/noise. ZOWIE! Thank you Canon.

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April said...

I seem to remember someone saying that "art without wonder is merely craft". :)

This is an image full of wonder, and oh how wonderful that technical craftsmanship can help convey the vision.

Happy new year, Ted!