Friday, January 7

Hopper Sunday Morning

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Hopper revisited as I continue to study and grow from his haunting work....

From high up Edward Hopper smashed light against substance – to invariably watch substance flinch. In buildings he found his fears and desires. Or did he release ours?

He revealed in the struggle between light and substance outcomes that mattered. But… but… even dreadful stuff matters. And somehow, in his torridly lit frames there remained an intangible alienation of a visitor’s shadowy dread.

Sunday morning rooftops, Lancaster, PA.
Canon 40D, PS4, AlienSkin: Snap Art:Oil paint, custom brushes and filters.

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Flo (tonebytone) said...

Ted, this reminds me of a diorama in a museum! Fascinating rooftops, as if each architect/builder was trying to keep up with the Jonses, so to speak.

So, have you found your fears and desires in the tops of these buildings - and would you call this "torridly lit"?