Sunday, May 23

Pretty Enough?

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In BigTown pretty is just a spiked-heel in the door.


Ángel said...

Magnificent, as always.
A long time ago it did not visit its blog. You must excuse to me, work subjects leave less free time me.
Do you travel finally to Peru?
I have intention to travel to the Plateau (Bolivia and Peru), the next month of August.
Warm greetings

Ted said...

Thanks Angel... Nope... Peru got rained out. We may go in October. Have not decided.

April said...

I'm very intrigued by this image. And did a search for "Bitter Dreams" to try to find #1 and #2 of the series, without results.

Could/would you re-post those links?

Ted said...
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Ted said...

Um, about #1&2 in this series... They, along with #4&5 are well, still under imagining. Can't help myself... I tease therefore I am.... :->

April said...

Perhaps things sometime start in the middle of what was and what might be. :)