Friday, April 16

Sold In The USA

Deep beneath the Jefferson Memorial is a gift shop. Inside they sell, like, trash. Trash pens, trash, tee shirts, trash, mugs, trash, busts. For example, here are two... see my point?

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On the left there's a cheepie statue of the Great Man himself (1.) and on the right you can see a representative cup (2.). And now... lettuce turn them over, OK?

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Here's the bottom of the cup sold by the United States Park Service from the Jefferson Memorial gift store (#2).. And its label? See anything, um. odd? Okay.. now let's turn Jefferson over (#1)...

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Sigh... in the entirety of America there was only one place they could find a bust maker. Um, well, a bust importer. The bust maker apparently lives pretty far to the west of Washington, huh? by the way, the folks who knit most of the store's shirts and "Washington D.C." golf caps weren't from Washington's west. Nope... Honduras - sort of to the south, right?

Yep, this is the Uited States government, using US. taxpayer taxes to buy the inventory for the store of the Jefferson Memorial. I didn't see that coming. Did you?


Markus Spring said...

Tex, I am wondering why you wonder: What you see is just plain old capitalism at it's best. For sure there had been a call for tender, and the Chinese happened to make the best offer. That's all, and you see this happen everywhere, all over. You and I in the so-called first world are not necessary any more for those cheap replication processes, they just get outsourced to a country where this kind of work gets done much much cheaper than it would possible at home.
By the way, this comment was written on a chinese built laptop, but I guess your Mac or your Canon are of the same origin.

Markus Spring said...

Ted, sorry for the mis-spelling of your name. Unfortunately I did not proof read before hitting submit.

Ted said...

Yo! Of course you are right. Competition drives, the rest of us ride. But sometimes it startles me see where it drives through. Give the union support to the people at the top of Washington just now, I'd have thought the recipients of all those union wage deductions would have tried to showcase the best of their stuff. But apparently not, huh? So much for the competition over votes (which used to be just a s fierce as price competition, maybe even more intense).

Andreas said...

Oh, I'm sure the Republicans would treat this very differently. They would pass an act that requires the US government to buy patriotically only. Could be a PATRIOT act. Oh, they passed that already, but for "protecting" you? Well, they'll find another name, will they :)

Barry Armer said...


I made up my mind once to buy only US made goods. I don't think I lasted a day. There just isn't much made in America any more. :-(